Project Details

Current Conditions

2537 Pembina Highway is currently occupied by a vacant commercial/retail establishment (Frontier Subaru Dealership that has relocated). The site is zoned Commercial 2 (C2), which only allows commercial uses.


The surrounding area is primarily a mix of apartment and single detached dwellings. To the west of the subject site, across the CN Letelier rail line, are single and apartment-style residential dwellings, apartment dwellings to the north and commercial businesses to the south.

Street view of 2525 Pembina looking west

Rendering 2.jpg

Street view of The Arc (2525 Pembina) looking south

Street view of proposed 2537 Pembina building (Phase 2) 
looking west

Our Vision

The Arc (2525 Pembina Highway, shown on the left) is Phase 1 of the student rental housing development project. It is currently under construction and once completed, it will provide 570 beds to students and include amenities such as spacious, quiet and state-of-the art study lounges, a dedicated business centre, resort quality gym, and multiple commercial businesses. There will be a communal kitchen for larger get-togethers as part of a fulsome lifestyle. The building's placement and curved facade at the corner of Pembina Highway and Bison Drive make it an iconic fixture for the area.

Phase 2 of this project will be a second student housing development on the adjacent property, 2537 Pembina Highway. We are proposing to rezone the site to Residential Mixed Use (RMU) to facilitate higher-density residential development with small-scale commercial facilities needed to support its residents. We believe that creating more rental student housing options here will help address key issues faced in the community. Currently, many students are living in single family homes that are not designed to accommodate them. The proposed type of rental housing is a safe and affordable option and being in close proximity to the University means that walking or biking is likely the preferred transportation option. 

Building Details

The current proposed building is approximately 60 meters tall (18 storeys plus a mechanical penthouse). This will be able to provide 432 Residential units that will vary between 1, 2 and 4-bedrooms. One major feature will be the commercial/retail uses on the main floor of the building, similar to the Arc (2525 Pembina) development. Please note that building details may change based on feedback received throughout the engagement process


There will be a total of approximately 140 parking stalls - 90 for residents located underground, and 50 for retail uses at surface level. Since alternative transportation modes are a primary component to the development, we will provide approximately 340 bike parking stalls, both at the surface & underground level.

Aerial comparison of 2525 and 2537 Pembina (Phase 1 and 2)

Regulatory framework

Pembina Highway is designated a Regional Mixed-Use Corridor in the OurWinnipeg — Complete Communities direction strategy. These corridors are specifically designated, major regional arterial roads intended to link the surrounding communities to Downtown and other Regional Mixed-Use Centres or major activity areas. OurWinnipeg suggests that higher intensity development should be located along a Regional Mixed-Use Corridor to direct growth towards major infrastructure nodes. This is a key consideration to why we have focused on developing the 2537 Pembina site. Click on the images below to learn more about the Regional Mixed-Use Corridor direction strategy.

MU Corridor Description.jpg
MU Corridor Map.jpg
The Process*
  1. A pre-application was submitted and initial feedback was received from the City of Winnipeg Administration. This helps to inform what types of applications (e.g. variances, rezoning) will need to be submitted and highlights important considerations for the overall process. 

  2. Through the launching of this website, we have now begun the community engagement process. We will be discussing this concept with surrounding neighbours and stakeholders, and making adjustments as necessary to ensure support. 

  3. Following a thorough engagement process, the Development Approval process will be initiated with a formal application to the City to consider the rezoning and subdivision of the site. This will include a public hearing.

  4. Development and Zoning Agreements (if approved) - Upon approval of the rezoning, key considerations that are important to the site and the development’s design will be enshrined in a legal agreement.

  5. Final designs for the buildings that will be constructed on site will be completed.

  6. We will apply for permits necessary for the demolition of the existing dwelling.

  7. Construction of the development.


*Since we are early on in the process and are currently undergoing delays due to COVID-19, we are unable to provide a reliable timeline. Once we proceed further in our discussions with the City of Winnipeg, we will provide an update.