Who We Are

Campus Suites

Campus Suites was founded based on the core principals of knowledge, dedication, integrity, and passion. With over 25 years in development and asset management for multifamily, student, and mixed-use housing, we have experienced the full spectrum of the industry. In that time, our team has developed a true passion and unique hands-on-approach to our operational strategy.

RISE Real Estate

Rise Real Estate provides an ideal place for students to live and learn in a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment - as well as opportunities for local businesses to flourish. Each Rise development adds to the community a population-dense building full of students and young professionals. These residents require nearby amenities, entertainment, and services, which, in turn, significantly and positively impact the local economy. Increased pedestrian traffic not only encourages active living, but also has a favourable influence on local businesses and fosters relationships between residents and the communities in which they live. By building sustainable developments and strong neighbourhoods, Rise increases the value of nearby real estate. Students feel confident in remaining close by after graduation, seeing the value in a community they have come to know and love.


R+W is not your average urban planning and development consulting firm. Our core team is made up of results-driven professional entrepreneurs based in Winnipeg who are experts in their respective fields. We have decades of collective experience in Manitoba providing high quality planning, zoning, by-law, consultation services, and overall support to keep projects moving forward. We are able to offer the perspective that comes only from having worked extensively on both sides of the policy framework.


ARK engages a diverse team of Canadian designers to explore and challenge the boundaries of architecture beyond tradition. Licensed to practice across Canada, ARK’s internationally recognized award-winning portfolio is built on exceptionally strong relationships with municipalities, development leaders and the construction industry gained over 60-years of experience. This includes direct experience with residential and commercial development in Winnipeg. We are committed to the creation of a vibrant urban vision, drawing upon a rich and diverse portfolio to frame community.